Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Fifth Protester Dies After Being in Coma for 20 Days

Today Ali Ismail Korkmaz, 19 year old student from Anadolu University in Eskisehir, has passed away in the hospital. He suffered a brain hemorrhage on June 2nd in the course of the protests, when he was hit in the head and beaten up while fleeing from the polices. It is yet unclear who his murderer was, but there are rumours that it was fascists supporting the police and attacking protesters.

After Medeni Yildirim, who died protesting against the construction of a military outpost in the predominantly Kurdish region of Diyarbakir, Abdullah Cömert, who was hit by a tear gas cartridge in Antakya, Mehmet Ayvalitas, who was hit by a car driving into a demonstration in Sarigazi, Istanbul and Ethem Sarisülük, who was shot by a policeman with a real bullet with his murderer being released, Ali Ismail Korkmaz is the fifth casualty who died during protests. Sanitary Irfan Tuna died in Ankara, very likley because of the enormous exposure to tear gas.

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