Monday, 8 July 2013

Gezi Park Reopened and Closed Again - Police Once Again Attacks Protesters

Today Gezi Park was reopened for the public (it had been closed ever since the police stormed the park and removed everyone on June 15th). Yet, some 3 hours after it was reopened, police once again began to remove the people from the park and attack with water cannons and tear gas. Governor Mutlu justified this by claiming that the park belongs to all the people, not just to some groups of people. First and foremost the park seems to belong to Mutlu and it is unclear if he expects all Istanbulians (a not precisely known figure of around 15 million) to flock to the park at the same time in order for it to be permanently reopened.

The main target of the operation was the Taksim Solidarity Platform. Many of its leading figures have been reportedly taken into custody alongside many other people. Firat News Agency lists the following people
Among those detained are leading figures of Taksim Solidarity Platform, TMMOB (Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects) member Mücella Yapıcı, Ongun Yücel, Secretary General of Istanbul Medical Board, Ali Çerkezoğlu, HDK (People's Democratic Congress) Executive Council member Ender İmrek, TKP (Communist Party of Turkey) executive board member Erkan Baş, Chamber of City Planners Istanbul Branch Secretary Akif Burak Atlar, TMMOB IKK Secretary Süleyman Solmaz, EMO (Chamber of Electrical Engineers) Istanbul Branch Chair Beyza Metin and Haluk Yüksel.

In total 80 people have been detained today. 

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